We were inspired by the history of our birth land, we respected our traditional environment and the existing architecture, we used the colours and the materials that gives us our ground and we created PIERIDES SUITES & STUDIOS. An ideal destination for vacations with calm and relaxation.

The preservable building, built on the 19th century was completely renovated while and the decoration was made with excellent materials in order to offer the visitor functionalism, luxury and comfort.

PIERIDES SUITES & STUDIOS consists of 5 Suites and 2 Studios, all luxurious with fully equipped kitchens, while each apartment has his own particular style, with lively colours, specially selected in order to relax and calm the visitor. All the apartments offer a view of the sunset and the deep blue gulf of Kardamyli.


The region

Just 3 hours travel by car from Athens, PIERIDES SUITES & STUDIOS is located in a traditional, preserved settlement, a few meters from the temple of Saint Spyridon and the historical tower of Mourtzinos, in the old city of Kardamyli.

  • 34 Km from Kalamata
  • 260 Km from Athens
  • 260 Km fro the harbour of Patras


The myth

Pierides they were deities of Greek mythology, that inspired every intellectual creation. Pierides were the daughters of Zeus and the Mnemosen. They were born in Pieria (so called Pierides), grown up by the nymph Epheme and were taught music by Apollo, who taught them so well that they became so good at signing and the Lyra, that they won the Sirens, who after theri defeat were drowned in the sea. When they were signing and dancing, they fascinated the people so much, that they forgot to eat and died. As they had no other occupation than signing and dancing, they chose the most beautiful places for that. So they went down from the Olympus to Elikona, where together with Apollo they were composing, and they took the name ELIKONIADES. The Athenians had dedicated to Muses a tree planted hill near to Ilissos and they were worshipped them, offering them the name ILISIADES.


KALLIOPI: At the beginning she was considered as of the heroic epos and later the rhetoric. Her name means good ‘opa’ = voice.

KLEIO: She was the protector of history. Her name emanates from ‘kleos’=glory.

EPHTERPI: Protecting the art of fife and her name emanates from ‘eph+terpsi’ (delight).

THALIA: Initially she protected the bucolic poetry and later the comedy. The force of the art that she protected made the plants flourish ‘thallo’, so she was named Thalia.

MELPOMENI: At the beginning she protected the music that intone ‘melpi’ (so her name) and later the comedy.

TERPSIHORI: At the beginning she protected the dance, with that every one was amusing ‘terpo’ (terpo+horo and dance= Terpsihori) and later the poetry.

ERATO: She was the protector of the erotic poetry.

POLYMNIA: She was designated in such a way, because she inspired humans to many (poly=much) praise songs.

OURANIA: (=sky). She was the protector of astronomy.

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